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Google teases I/O 2018 with a pineapple cake and an escape room puzzle

We may still be in the sleepy midst of a chilly winter, but Google’s developer team is already looking forward to the summer with a teaser for the 2018 edition of its annual I/O developer event, as first spotted by 9to5Google. Should you be savvy enough to crack the (binary) code of the initial tweet, you’ll get the URL, and there you’ll be presented with a Google Street View that lets you explore the reception area of what’s apparently a Google Developers building.

Plans are coming along for

— Google Developers (@googledevs) January 24, 2018

All the little hints that Google has scattered throughout that lobby point to the theme of sisters:

  • The calendar at the reception is set to August…

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Why Facebook’s survey about trust won’t make or break the media

Last Friday, Facebook announced two key changes to the News Feed: one, it would reduce the amount of news in the News Feed from roughly 5 percent to 4 percent; and two, it would begin taking into account how trusted a publisher is when ranking it in the feed. Trust levels are to be determined by a survey, and today BuzzFeed’s Alex Kantrowitz got ahold of it. The survey consists of two questions:

Do you recognize the following websites?

– Yes

– No

How much do you trust each of these domains?

– Entirely

– A lot

– Somewhat

– Barely

– Not at all

Journalists noted that this was not a particularly comprehensive survey. ”People could game this survey,” said the FT‘s Hannah Kuchler. ”I’ve filled out more robust surveys at fast food…

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