About Us

‘Punjab Times’ was first published on 29th June 2001 receiving an invaluable response from readers and advertisers. ‘Punjab Times’ has gained the trust of Advertisers and Readers by providing incomparable news cover & articles along Superlative print quality and remains the Leader in the Punjabi Indian Community till date.

Being the first Punjabi Indian News Paper to be published from Sydney, Australia, ‘Punjab Times’ is distributed free of cost providing an advantage to advertisers as it has a Wide Distribution Network across Sydney and New South Wales, along with selected outlets across other states in Australia.

The main purpose of ‘Punjab Times’ is to provide the latest news cover to its readers and to synthesise the Indian culture with the Australian culture.

This is the 17th Successful year of ‘Punjab Times’ in the market where ‘Punjab Times’ has remained & will continue to be Australia’s Top, Leading, Most Popular, Reliable & Successful Punjabi Indian Secular Newspaper.