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The Xbox Series X could launch on November 6th

Microsoft confirmed this week that the Xbox Series X will launch in November, but the company could be targeting a very specific date: November 6th. While the ongoing coronavirus pandemic may affect Microsoft’s exact launch date for the Xbox Series X, distributors seem to be getting ready for November 6th specifically.

An anonymous tipster, who recently purchased an unreleased Xbox Series X controller, sent me an image earlier this week of what is claimed to be the box that these controllers are stored in at distributors. The box specifically tells retail stores (that receive the shipments) not to sell or display the controllers until November 6th. Microsoft has used similar orange “street date” stickers on packages at its retail stores…

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Pinterest’s former COO is suing for gender discrimination and retaliation

Pinterest Takes Stock Public On New York Stock Exchange

Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images

The former COO of Pinterest is suing the company for gender discrimination. Françoise Brougher says she was paid less than her male peers, repeatedly left out of important meetings, and given gendered feedback, according to her legal complaint. She was fired after speaking out about these concerns, the lawsuit says.

Brougher, who previously worked as the Global Business Lead at Square and as a VP on the advertising team at Google, according to her LinkedIn, learned of the salary inequalities when Pinterest was preparing to go public in 2019. She made less than her male peers, and her equity vested at a slower rate. After bringing this to the attention of Pinterest CEO Ben Silbermann, she still had to fight to be fairly compensated. The…

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Tesla’s planned five-way stock split will make its shares much more affordable

Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

Tesla has announced a new five-way stock split to take effect on August 28th, which will make the company’s shares cheaper for buyers.

The electric car maker’s stock closed on Tuesday at $1,374.39 a share, close to its July all-time high and at a total market valuation of more than $256 billion. But at prices that high, it’s difficult for individuals — especially retail traders using platforms like Robinhood — to own more than fractional shares of the company.

If you own Tesla stock by August 21st, you’ll receive four additional shares of common stock on the date of the split. Starting August 31st, Tesla says it will begin trading on a split-adjusted basis.

Stock splits are typically…

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