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Two SIM swappers phished a phone company so they could steal $16K in crypto

An illustration of bitcoin
Cryptocurrency thief pleads guilty in SIM swapping scheme | Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

Twenty-year-old Kyell Bryan of Pennsylvania has pleaded guilty to aggravated identity theft for a SIM swapping and cryptocurrency theft scheme, according to the United States Attorney’s Office of the District of Maryland.

According to the initial indictment statement, in June 2019, Bryan, who was 19, conspired with Jordan K. Milleson, then 21, and others. The group engaged in phishing and vishing (voice phishing) to trick employees at an unnamed wireless operator into coughing up their login credentials.

As Brian Krebs reported when Bryan and Milleson were indicted, they were active participants of the OGUsers trading forum, which has spawned similar phishing attacks against Twitter and others, usually with the intent of stealing and…

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Twitch is testing a rewind button

Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

One of the appeals of Twitch is watching things unfold live, but I can’t count the number of times I’ve wished I could scrub back to see something again or a moment I might have missed. Soon, though, Twitch may have a solution to that problem, as it’s currently testing a new Rewind the Stream button with some users.

When you hit the button, you’ll be rewinded two minutes back in the stream, Twitch tells The Verge. From there, you can scrub through what’s been streamed so far and even watch what you missed at different speeds, like you would with any other Twitch VOD (video on demand).

If you hit the rewind button, you’ll still be able to see what’s happening in the live stream, thanks to a picture-in-picture window that will appear above…

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The Boring Company gets approval for Las Vegas public transportation system

On Wednesday, Clark County Commissioners voted unanimously to approve plans for The Boring Company’s Vegas Loop system. With the decision, the Elon Musk venture moves one step closer to the day when it can start digging the 29 miles of tunnel that will make up the project. Once complete, the 51-station network will connect various hotels and other destinations between Allegiant Stadium and the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. The company now needs to obtain the necessary permits before it can start excavating.

Boring President Steve Davis Told the Las Vegas Review the company will build the system in phases. Once it completes work on an individual station, it will open immediately. Boring hopes to build five to 10 stations within the first six months of the project, and then between 15 and 20 every year thereafter. The goal is to finish …read more

Extreme heat is a growing concern for doctors around the world

Oppressive Heat Set To Sear U.S. West Again As Fire Risk Soars
A resident splashes water onto their face during a heatwave in Sacramento, California, U.S., on Thursday, July 8, 2021.  | David Paul Morris/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Extreme heat is a huge worry for doctors and public health experts around the world, and it’s steadily become a bigger problem over time, according to a sweeping new climate report published today in the leading medical journal, The Lancet.

The analysis, from 43 academic institutions and United Nations agencies, focuses on the threats the climate crisis poses to human health. While the group has published similar reports over the past five years, this is the first time it includes warnings on the impact hotter days have on mental health and physical activity. It follows an increase in devastating heatwaves around the world.

“I saw paramedics who had burns on…

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Segway’s ‘Mecha Kit’ turns your transporter into a rolling turret

Mecha Kit on Segway
Photo by Segway-Ninebot

If you ever wanted to transform your self-balancing scooter into a mobile mini mech, now you can with Segway-Ninebot’s Mecha Kit add-on. The kit is compatible with the Ninebot S and Ninebot S Kids and puts you in the pilot seat of your scooter-turned-turret.

Photo by Segway-Ninebot

Once fitted onto your vehicle, you no longer have to stand up to drive. You can stay seated while you control your movement with dual joysticks and take aim at targets with beads of gel. And yes, it acts just like a mech — you’re able to shoot the semi-evaporating bullets while driving, spinning and drifting around. If that still doesn’t sound awesome enough, you can even customize the Mecha Kit’s RGB underglow lighting, as well as switch…

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Google Calendar’s ‘focus time’ can auto-block meeting requests

Excessive meetings were already a problem before the pandemic, and they’re even more of a problem as remote work enters the mainstream. How do you set aside time for your own projects? As The Vergereports, Google has a simple answer: make it clear you should be left alone. It’s rolling out a “focus time” feature in Google Calendar that not only indicates your status, but can optionally auto-block meeting requests for that time slot.

You can choose a special color for focus time. Those moments will also be included in your Time Insights to help you improve your meeting-to-work ratio. The feature will take up to 15 days to reach Google Workspace users on the rapid track, and those offices on scheduled releases will see their change starting November 3rd.

Google is ultimately hopping on a trend. Microsoft included a Focus Sessions feature in Windows 11 to help people work in shorter but more effective spurts. With that said, you probably won’t complain about another tool. This could make the difference between a last-minute delay and meeting a deadline.

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Tesla posts a wildly profitable Q3 despite difficult car market

Despite a global pandemic and ongoing chip shortage, Tesla continues to make money hand over fist. The company reported on Wednesday that it had a net income of $1.62 billion — five times more than it did this time last year. What’s more, Tesla’s operating income grew some 54 percent over the past quarter to $2 billion.

Company executives pointed to record-setting sales of both the Model 3 and Model Y — a combined 232,102 units delivered during Q3 2021 — for the explosive earnings growth, though only 9,289 Models X and S were shipped during the same period, a nearly 40 percent drop from Q2 2021 rates. Overall, deliveries increased in Q3 by 20 percent compared to the previous quarter and increased by roughly 70 percent over Q3 2020. Tesla executives credit increased production of the Model Y at the Shanghai Gigafactory for the boost in deliveries. 

On the technology front, Tesla continues its FSD City Streets beta rollout and plans to “continue to monitor fleet data closely to help facilitate a smooth rollout,” per its quarterly update. 

The company also released a more streamlined iteration of its car companion app that “enables phone key for multiple vehicles simultaneously, allows commands to …read more

Egyptian authorities ‘detain’ robotic artist for 10 days over espionage fears

The robotic artist known as Ai-Da was scheduled to display her artwork alongside the great pyramids of Egypt on Thursday, though the show was nearly called off after both the robot and her human sculptor, Aidan Meller, were detained by Egyptian authorities for a week and a half until they could confirm that the artist was actually a spy.

The incident began when border guards objected over Ai-da’s camera eyes, which it uses in its creative process, and its on-board modem. “I can ditch the modems, but I can’t really gouge her eyes out,” Meller told The Guardian. The robot artist, which was built in 2019, typically travels via specialized cargo case and was held at the border until clearing customs on Wednesday evening, hours before the exhibit was scheduled to begin.

“The British ambassador has been working through the night to get Ai-Da released, but we’re right up to the wire now,” Meller said, just before Ai-Da was sprung from robo-jail. “It’s really stressful.”

Ai-Da is slated to participate in the Forever is Now exhibit, which is slated to run through November 7th and features a number of leading Egyptian and international artists, is being presented by Art D’Égypte in …read more

Sen. Blumenthal says Zuckerberg needs to testify about Instagram and kids

Senator Richard Blumenthal is again calling on Mark Zuckerberg to testify about Facebook’s research into Instagram and child safety. “It is urgent and necessary for you or Mr. Adam Mosseri to testify to set the record straight and provide members of Congress and parents with a plan on how you are going to protect our kids,” the Connecticut lawmaker wrote in a letter addressed to Zuckerberg.

Blumenthal is the chair of the Senate subcommittee on Consumer Protection, Product Safety, and Data Security that’s been holding hearings on social media and child safety in recent weeks. Earlier this month, Blumenthal said that a series of whistleblower disclosures about Facebook was the company’s “big tobacco moment.”

Since then, pressure has mounted on Facebook to address internal research that shows Instagram can have a negative impact on some teens’ mental health. The company has already “paused” work on a forthcoming Instagram Kids app, but lawmakers have said the company should end the project altogether.

In his letter, Blumenthal said that Facebook’s head of safety, Antigone Davis, who testified at a previous hearing, “appears to have provided false or inaccurate testimony to me regarding attempts to internally conceal its research.” …read more