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Yogi Adityanath govt completes one year in office, announces 4 lakh jobs in UP

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Yogi Adityanath government on Monday completed one year in the office. Though there were muted celebrations due to shocking bypoll defeat, the BJP government announced to make available 4 lakh jobs in 65 government departments to the youth of the state in its second year.

Terming his government’s one year in office as ‘ek saal, nai misaal,’ Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath released a booklet and video tape listing his achievements in the last one year in a low-key function at Lok Bhawan. The function was inaugurated by Governor Ram Naik. The Chief Minister also launched an Anti-Corruption portal to provide a transparent system of governance next four years.

The state-wide grandiose programs, however, were curtailed to celebrate the occasion after crushing defeats in Gorakhpur and Phulpur Lok Sabha seats, vacated by the Chief Minister and the deputy Chief Minister Keshav Prasad Maurya, in recently concluded by-polls. The Prime Minister Narendra Modi, about a dozen Union Ministers and Chief Ministers from BJP-ruled states, party national president AMit Shah and hoards of dignitaries were present when Yogi Adityanath had taken oath of the office and secrecy one year ago on this day. But none of them were to be seen on Monday when he …read more

Macy’s is using VR — not AR — to sell furniture

Macy’s is planning on using VR experiences to sell furniture to customers in 50 stores by this summer, becoming the latest company to jump on the bandwagon (brandwagon?) of using virtual reality to sell stuff to people, via VentureBeat.

Unlike Amazon, Ikea, or Target — all of whom have some sort of augmented reality furniture experience to let users see how a table or chair might look in their living room — Macy’s is using actual VR, headset and all, to demo furniture to customers. As FurnitureToday reports, customers in Macy’s stores will be able to layout a room with furniture using a tablet, and then test out the design by actually “entering” the space in VR.

Macy’s views the technology as enabling the company to demo a wider range…

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The Internet Archive put your favorite LCD handheld games online

The Internet Archive has launched a Handheld History Collection filled with about 60 emulated versions of retro handheld games to take you back to the long car rides of your childhood. Archived games include Tiger Electronics’ Mortal Kombat, Bandai’s Burger Time, and Parker Brothers’ mini tabletop version of Q*bert, all of which can be played directly from your browser. MAME developers have classified over 200 games as “handheld,” so if you don’t see your favorite game on the list, be patient because more games will be added soon.

Archivist Jason Scott outlined the emulation process of LCD, VFD, and LED-based games to MAME, and the thoughtful consideration that goes behind determining which games need to be preserved for posterity….

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God of War’s first two hours show a more mature game

Kratos has gotten old. That’s the first thing you’ll notice in the new God of War. The upcoming PS4 reboot of the series starts with the angriest Greek in gaming glowering down at a tree that you chop down with Kratos’ new weapon of choice: the Leviathan Axe. As he swings the axe, you can see more scars crossing his arms and chest since we last saw him, and his perpetually scowling face is hidden behind a beard that’s sporting a touch of gray.

While much has been made about Kratos’ reinvention into an older, bearded dad, it’s not just Kratos who’s aged. It’s been almost eight years since the last God of War game was released on the PlayStation 3, and in that time, the series seems to have undergone some maturing of its own. From both a…

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Google Pay now handles transit tickets

Earlier this year, Google rolled Android Pay and Google Wallet into one service called Google Pay. Now, Google is adding transit tickets to its newly unified mobile payments app. Starting today, riders will be able to board the Las Vegas Monorail using Google Pay on Android phones. Google says more cities and transportation services are on the way.

Riders will have to purchase tickets or daily passes on the Las Vegas Monorail’s website on their computer or phone and save them to Google Pay from there. After that, they can just hold their phone near the contactless reader at the monorail turnstiles to enter. Google Pay will also show things like ride history or the nearest monorail stations.

Image: Google

The Las…

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Philips tests LiFi in a real office

This week, Philips announced that its LiFi, or Light Fidelity, tech is currently being tested at the offices of Icade, a French real estate investment company. LiFi provides broadband internet through lights, using LEDs to transmit a high-speed conne… …read more

Google will now let users buy items through Assistant and search

Google has launched a new program called Shopping Actions that will allow users to purchase items through Google search and Google Assistant.

On Google search, the Google Express shopping service, and Google Assistant on home devices and mobile, shoppers can now save their payment credentials and make purchases from retailers with instant checkout. In exchange, retailers will give Google a cut of the profit from each purchase, which is different from the usual ad payments retailers make to Google for sponsored listings. Retailers will only pay Google when sales are made.

For example, now you can search on Google for a scented candle, see a listing for a brand on Target, then add it to your Google Express cart. Then, you might decide to…

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Apple AirPods: the audiophile review

As The Verge‘s resident headphones obsessive, I’m not supposed to like the AirPods. My initial reaction upon first seeing them many months ago was to pour scorn on Apple’s designers for crafting a pair of expensive and easy-to-lose cigarette butts. The AirPods were the resurrection of the awful Bluetooth headsets of years past, I thought. But this year, I finally got around to testing a pair of the AirPods for myself, and I finally understand why everyone who owns them loves them.

Taking the AirPods seriously hasn’t been easy for me. I spend my days attached to large and pricey headphones like the exceptional Audeze MX4 because my priorities are heavily skewed in favor of maximizing sound quality over convenience. Convenience for…

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